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Rack loading 

Rack unloading


Why YASKAWA Robots

We have for our handlingconcept-solution, the novel and simultaneously very innovative multi-robot technology "Synchromotion", wich offer on the one hand the latest design of cooperating robots and on the other hand the necessary tactile "hand-drawn" effect , used for handling in galvano-frame technique.

I.e., in the first step, complex parts could be positioned in front of the clampposition. In the second step, the parts will be, according to the workpiece mount with its specific force, hooked or plugged.

This highly sensitive "pressure-pull" method is particularly useful in Yaskawa Control "NEW GENERATION DX100". E.g. the 15-axis dual-arm SDA 10. Its slim design extreme flexibility, as well as the range of 720mm make this "space saver" predestinated for the use in confined spaces in electroplating plants.



TYP   MH 6 MP 20D 6  ES 165 D 
 Type of application Assembler Assembler Assembler 
 Max. load 6 kg  20 kg  165 kg 
 Repeat accuracy +/- 0,08  +/- 0,06  +/- 0,2 
 Max. range 1422 mm   1717 mm  2651 mm 




SDA10D (15-Axis)

Unique worldwide!


  • 15 controlled axes (The arm 7 axes an one common rotation axis)
  • Maximum load capacity per arm 10kg or 20kg
  • Accuracy + / - 0.1 mm
  • Operating distance per arm: R = 720 mm respectively R = 910 mm
  • Han-drawn effect by the servomotors
  • novel, highly flexible arm
  • coordinated movements of the arms in different interpolation
  • Mounting options: floor or ceiling